Exploring Niobium Class – Tucson AZ


Exploring Niobium

An introductory class to the magic of creating jewelry from the metal, Niobium.



Exploring Niobium

The Colors of the Stone Gem & To Bead True Blue Bead Show, Booth 318
Casino Del Sol, 5655 West Valencia Rd Tucson, AZ

Saturday, January 27, 8:30 am -3:30 pm

If you want to learn how to work niobium into your jewelry designs this is the class for you. Learn to apply basic metalworking techniques to niobium sheet and wire; then take your created pieces and colorfully anodize them. Learn the cold connections that will turn your new pieces into beautiful, wearable jewelry. Students will learn how to cut, drill, shape, texture, file, and sand niobium sheet and wire; anodizing techniques; and riveting.

Kit Includes: 20-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 18-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 16-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 3” x 3” 24-gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, 3” x 3” 28-gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, and a 3M sanding pad




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