Introducing Niobium Class #2 – Tucson AZ


Exploring Niobium

An introductory class to the magic of creating jewelry from the metal, Niobium.



Introducing Niobium #2

The Colors of the Stone Gem & To Bead True Blue Bead Show, Booth TBA
Casino Del Sol, 5655 West Valencia Rd Tucson, AZ

Thursday, February 7, 9:00 am -1:00 pm

If you want to learn how to work niobium into your jewelry designs this is the class for you. Learn to apply basic metalworking techniques to niobium sheet and wire; and colorfully anodize them. Then turn your new pieces into beautiful, wearable jewelry. Students will learn how to cut, drill, shape, texture, file, and sand niobium sheet and wire; and anodizing techniques.

Kit Includes: 20-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 18-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 16-gauge un-anodized niobium wire, 3” x 3” 24-gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, 3” x 3” 28-gauge un-anodized niobium sheet, and a 3M sanding pad




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